Walk 100 Miles in October

1st October 2023 9:00 am


Walk 100 miles in October and raise money to support local families who have been affected by suicide and raise awareness. Take on the challenge in any way that suits you, 3.3 miles a day or longer walks at weekends. Help others whilst helping you!

You can pick when, where and who you walk with, with the aim of reaching 100 miles by the end of October. All walkers will receive an orange beanie to wear on their walks.

There is a £10 entry fee, and we will send out your fundraising pack


Complete the registration form or drop our events team an email on getinvolved@headlightproject.org to find out more.

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4 days ago

Another important petition - to create statutory legal duty of care for students in Higher Education. Only 4 days… https://t.co/8PQVvCp8J8

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