4th August 2020

Sisters £7k Fundraiser at University Hub

On the 30th November 2019, Isabella and Lucia organised a charity night for over 350 people at Teesside University hub in memory of their dad Dave to raise money for the Headlight Project. From a concept that started out as a beauty raffle, ended up being a huge charity night in memory of Dave. The night involved live music performances and a drag act and a lot of fun.  The girls collected raffle prices from across Middlesbrough gathering over 100 prices from beauty therapists, sports vouchers and home-made hampers from local businesses. Alongside the raffle, they had money raising opportunities throughout the night including bottle banks and blind cards. Amazing companies across Teesside supported with decorations such as donut and flower walls, personalised itinerary for the night with the hashtag ‘Headlight Project to raise awareness for the charity.

Lucia and Isabella (aged 19 and 20) lost their dad to suicide 4 months prior to the event and organised it single handily. The support they received across Teesside was testament to their Dad and to their hard work. The girls managed to raise £6,800 for the Headlight Project. The project is super proud of them both, they are now known as the ‘Pocket Rockets’ and we are delighted that despite tremendous adversity they have gone on after their Dads death to achieve great things. Isabella a first-class honours degree in social work and Lucia new qualifications in counselling. We can only thank them, for their efforts and are pleased the project could help them when they needed it. Well done girls #pocketrockets.