Turn Blue Monday Bright

15th January 2024 12:00 am


Join in with our annual awareness campaign that takes place on the third Monday in January. This day has become known as Blue Monday, due to the combination of cold weather, dark nights, and post-Christmas blues, leading to an increase in mental health issues which can lead to suicide.

The aim of the day is for schools, workplaces, and the local community to come together to raise awareness and to give people a reason to smile that day. Wear something bright, get together with friends/colleagues, we have lots of ideas we will send to you. The day is a reminder of the little things we can all do to feel better during one of the most difficult months of the year for many.

We hope it gives everyone a reason to smile and encourages people to talk about their mental health.

This is a free event, and fundraising is entirely at your discretion and not a condition of taking part.


Complete the registration form or drop our events team an email on getinvolved@headlightproject.org to find out more.

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