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We offer a range of counselling and therapy services for those bereaved by suicide in the Tees Valley. We also deliver suicide awareness presentations and preventative education and training.

Counselling & Therapeutic Support

Grief from suicide is complex and those bereaved are higher risk to die by suicide themselves. We aim to support those bereaved by suicide through specialist 1-2-1 counselling, play therapy for children, various trauma therapies and support groups.

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Preventative Education & Training

Suicide is a community problem, and everyone can help. We aim to raise awareness, educate, and provide preventative training about suicide in schools, workplaces and within our local communities through presentations, workshops, training, and campaigns.

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If you haven't seen it already, we'd recommend watching #JamesArthur's documentary 'Out of Our Minds' on BBC Iplaye… https://t.co/4TGkTmBSw4

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