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Grief from suicide is complex and those bereaved are at higher risk to die by suicide themselves. We aim to support those bereaved by suicide through specialist 1-2-1 counselling, play therapy for children, various trauma therapies and support groups.

Traumatic grief is a form of grief that happens in response to a sudden unexpected loss. Grief is the natural emotional process of healing after a loss that allows the intensity of the pain and sadness to decrease over time as an individual moves forward in their life.

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event such as the death of a loved one by suicide. Grief is unique and everyone’s needs and their journey through that grief will differ. The support we offer reflects this.

Adult 1-2-1 Counselling & Therapy

1-2-1 counselling can help when an individual has been bereaved by suicide. It can support them as they navigate through the complex grief and often overwhelming feelings and thoughts.

Our experienced and highly qualified counsellors will work in a warm, trusting, and supportive environment to help you deal with the trauma and move forward.

We also provide specific therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is a highly effective treatment for trauma together with other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Children’s Counselling & Play Therapy

Depending on the age of the child we offer 1-2-1 counselling, and for younger children we offer Play Therapy.

Rather than having to verbally explain how they are feeling, children use play to communicate at their own level and pace, without feeling interrogated or threatened. Our children’s team are highly experienced and work creatively to help children make sense of what’s going on in a way that they can understand.

Group Therapy – Headlight Hubs & Drop-in Hubs

We also offer bereavement groups, our Headlight Hubs, where individuals meet and gain much-needed peer support from others who have been through a similar experience. These group sessions are recommended to individuals who have accessed our one-to-one services, when our therapists/counsellors think they are ready. The groups are held weekly over a six-week period and are facilitated by qualified therapists.

We also provide a drop-in hub once a month for ongoing support following completion of the 6-week group hub.

We know that grief from suicide never goes away completely and can be particularly difficult around anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas etc. The drop-in hubs provide ongoing support for those difficult times, and you can also reach out to us for further support as the years go by, if needed.

For referrals to our services, please visit our support page for referral forms and support resources.  



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