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Founded in memory of Russ Devereux, the Headlight Project is teaching children about mental health, providing support and help for adults and working in collaboration with other organisations to deliver emotional resilience workshops, and one to one counselling. The Headlight Project has a particular focus in supporting individuals and families who have been affected by suicide.

How We Can Help Russ' Story

Teaching children about Mental health

When working with children and young people who are struggling with their mental health it is our core belief that we strive to build their emotional resilience. Emotional resilience refers to an individual’s ability to adapt to tricky situations and/or crises. The more resilient the individuals are they are able to ‘roll with tricky situations’ and adapt to adversity without any lasting difficulties.

Children & School’s Services

Providing support for Adults

With any one-to-one emotional support, the team create a warm and supportive environment with an opportunity to talk in confidence and explore a way to move forward where they feel able to live a happier life and feel empowered to manage life’s ‘ups and downs’.

Adult Services

Collaborating with other organisations

In working with other organisations the team can deliver training to the workforce on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


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